Sculpture studio

Professional artists and sculptors of the highest qualification work at the Sculpture Studio.Education received at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts was conducive to forming stable realistic base that allows to create sculptural works of any complexity on high artistic level.
Each of us being a member of the Belarusian Artists’ Union has established a reputation as a self-reliant creative person. Our Studio implements all complex of works on creation of art piece.
The process of work consists of several stages. First, a customer’s idea is discussed and the artistic conception, sizes, materials, and terms of execution are cleared up. Then the authors proceed to work out sketches, designs and create a model. Sketch is the first stage of creation of an art work. Sketch could be executed as a graphic drawing or volume model. Surely it is agreed with the customer. If monumental or monumental and decorative sculpture is to be made, it is necessary to create sketchy model on a given scale, fragment of sculptural composition, architectural decision, backgrounds and perspectives. By agreement with the customer the working model is made that finally clarifies all the ideas and plastic details. Enlargement to the size of the ordered work is to be made from the working model. Model is sculpted of clay or plasticine. After the customer accepted the work plaster or compound forms are demoulded by the authors or special masters. The forms will be worked out in details and then given to the foundry company to cast a work in bronze, aluminum or cast iron. Another company is selected to cast a work in plastic.
Large monumental sculptures are also implemented in sheet copper. In this case a life-size model is casted of concrete and further wrapped in copper sheets.
Creation of works of granite or marble is implemented by the authors or masters of executing company engaged in granite processing. Selection of executing companies is carried out with the customer. The author’s supervision of the implementation of work is invariable.
If an easel or miniature sculpture is to be made, there will be not so much stages of its creation. We also design and install plastic art elements on facades and in interiors of public and private buildings, landscape plastic art.
We work in the city of Minsk and also fulfill orders from abroad and cooperate with different galleries.
Studio fulfills your order professionally and on time, taking into account all your wishes.